Civic Involvement: El Civics Objectives

Community Resources: Three general topics are covered in Community Resources: Educational Resources in the Community, Interacting with my Child’s or my School and Teachers, and Social Services/Cultural Resources in our Community.

Health: Topics covered in this Civic Objective include identifying healthcare sources for families, insurance options for healthcare coverage, how to talk with a doctor and other healthcare providers, how to keep family health records, what is a medical emergency and how to get help in an emergency, describing symptoms of an illness, and childhood immunization.

Employment: This Civic Objective focuses on strategies students can use to prepare for entering the workplace. They will learn how to research various careers to find out what kinds of education and other skills they need, and how to find the local resources available to people looking for jobs. Students will also have practice filling out job applications and resumes as well as how to participate in a effective job interview.

Housing: Two topics are covered in the Civics Objectives focusing on housing. One is the various types of housing, common household items, and common household problems. Students also learn what questions to ask when renting an apartment and find out what rights tenants and landlords have. Also covered is how to effectively report and discuss issues of concern with a landlord. The second topic relates specifically to resolving basic housing issues, including home maintenance problems and how to advocate for solutions.

U. S. Government & History: Students learn about the history and founding principals of the United States. Through reading about the discovery of American, the American Revolution, and founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, students learn the basis of civil liberties enjoyed by residents and citizens of the U. S. Students also practice the 100 questions that are part of the interview process of becoming a citizen.

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