"It was hard raising kids and going to school, but I was going to make them proud."
Margaret Martinez

Helping adults in underserved communities pursue a path towards self-sufficiency

Pathway to Careers is a grant-funded equitable career pathway initiative that serves underserved adult students by inspiring, preparing and equipping them with the necessary tools to secure sustainable employment. Pathway to Careers provides comprehensive career readiness training, encompassing essential skills development, and addresses any barriers to employment by offering targeted wraparound services as needed. To ensure accessibility, the program leverages technology and online resources, enabling access to remote learning and job search platforms. Pathway to Careers uses grant funds to create a seamless transition from education to sustainable employment, empowering students to build rewarding and successful careers.


$3.1m in funding to serve adult students

recent project outcomes

  • 100+students served
  • 4adult schools
  • 50administrators reached

Our Project Team


Andrea De La Cerda

Communications Manager

Kandula Communications


Dr. Paul De La Cerda

Program Manager

The Clover Agency


Thatcher Weldon

Program Director

Kern Adult Education Consortium


Tiarra McCormick

Program Coordinator

Kern Adult Education Consortium


William “Geno” Malkiewicz

Master Trainer

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Meet our partners

celebrating student success

"we are really enjoying our lives here... i feel that i have accomplished my 10-year plan already." -natalia estay

Married with no children, Natalia moved to her dream state of Florida, bought a house, became a US citizen, graduated from University, and is working at a skilled nursing facility. “We are really enjoying our lives here,” she said. “I’m doing wind sports after work. We have a very active life, good friends, and I love it. I really feel that I have accomplished my 10-year plan already.” Natalia ́s long term goal is to become a doctor of Physical Therapy.

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If you’re a student, teacher, or administrator and would like to benefit or learn more about the Pathway to Careers project, please reach out to our team for more information.


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